zeroshell captive portal

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I came closer to Zeroshell trying an ready application in order to set up an Hot Spot for a square situated in front of a public library and school.Zeroshell surprised me in a very positive way in respect of the speed and the simplicity to create an Captive Portal: I took an Alix and ten minutes later everything worked perfectly. The "limit" was then to give the management to an inexperienced person who could access to all the characteristics through Zeroshell' s interface.
After a first experience in PHP, that presented some limits in respect of speed if the hotspot had to manage lots of users using "curl" hardly, I decided to realize an interface to install directly on Zeroshell, that could increase the elaboration speed and that could permit the access to others functions not available from an outside PHP . My choice was to use some cgi-bin in scripts bash, with lot of difficulties, especially to understand how the extraordinary work of Fulvio Ricciardi worked, from which I obviously copied almost everything. This is how, with some friends help of the Italian forum Zeroshell, Zerotruth was born.

Zerotruth installation needs obviously to operate from the “inside” Zeroshell, so:

1. Connect to Zeroshell trough ssh;
2. From "Select" digit "S";
3. Collocate yourself in /DB ( "cd /DB" );
4. Download the file.tar.gz trough wget or scp or...your choice;

example with "wget" and the 4.0 version ( zerotruth-4.0.tar.gz):

5. Extract the tgz:
tar zxvf zerotruth-4.0.tar.gz

6. Enter in the created directory:
cd zerotruth-4.0

7. Let the installation begin:
The order does all the necessary operations.
(in the same directory you will find the script "" to uninstall completely Zerotruth)
From version 1.0.beta2 upgrade to later versions can be made directly from the Zerotruth GUI.
Now connect via web to Zeroshell address and do an eventually page refresh . You will see the "choice" page that will be presented every time you will access to Zeroshell-Zerotruth.

zeroshell captive portal
Captive Portal Zerotruth

Choosing "Zerotruth" you will access to the login page, trough which you can manage it as administrator, with completed powers and the possibility to set up the system, or as "limited user", who will be able to use the system recording what the administrator decided. In order to access for the first time you have to: (zeroshell )
user: admin
password: zerotruth

captive portal Zerotruth

Following the links of the keys in the installation, that are exactly the same of that in Zerotruth, you will enter to the explanation pages about its characteristics and possible configurations that will permit the access of the users to the captive portal and to their authentication...
... with the auto-registration possibility, receiving the personal credentials by email and/or sms...

... to recovery the personal password if forgot...

... and, after the authentication, ...

access change the personal password...

... and to control the details of personal connections.



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